Saturday, 2 March 2013

January Achievements

Last time, I posted up my list of 50 goals for all and sundry to see, no backing out now!

Well, we're 2 months in to the year now, so that's 1/6 of 2013 gone forever. This means I should be 1/6 of the way through my list, or have 8.333~ tasks completed. January was incredibly busy, largely from compiling the list of 50 goals, breaking them down, and setting up the calenders to track them and whatnot... and that's not even on the list!

So what have I been up to? 

#6 - Learn to drive: Started

I started lessons a few years ago now, but then stopped, then started, then stopped, etc (much like my driving!). This year will be the end of it, and I will pass my test. I got my theory passed in December, and I'm no longer a poor student so there's really no excuses.

This is not my car...

#8 - Design a house: Started

Designing a house is... one of the more crazy items on my list. It started as a joke, with me and Maz often talking about 'the next house' as some sort of fantasy-land where all the problems of our current place disappear. BUT... through designing games I've come to the conclusion that everyone is a 'designer' in some respect, because design is in everything, so why not design a house?

I'll be aiming for something along these lines

I couldn't think of a reason, and now I've started forming some ideas, making a feature list, and researching the crap out of everything because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING! It's lots of fun, but I sort of doubt this one will be completed before the end of the year, always better to get the ball rolling though.

#36 - Learn how to brew mead: Completed!(ish)

This is one I was REALLY keen to do, and Maz got me a pile of equipment for Xmas so there was no reason to delay. Also, the sooner its brewing the sooner it can be drunk! Marked as 'ish' because I have learned how to brew mead, and now have 7 gallons under my stairs! But its not properly completed until it's been sampled. If I brew a delicious nectar its a pass, if its a vile and disgusting poison, then it's back to the drawing board. The plan is to refine my process over the year, with a batch each quarter. I'll cover my mead making process in more detail soon! Alcohol! Woooo!

3 more months til I get to find out!

#49 - Learn Unity: Started

I've dabbled in Unity for the last few years, developing with it properly for the first time as part of my Masters, but I never really following that up with anything. This year I'll be learning more about how the engine works, following tutorials and maybe even a little coding. The end goal being some prototype games (#26-30 of the 50) that can quantify my learnings more clearly. Again, a long-term project, so better to start sooner than later.

This is actually a very exciting 'development' shot

Now, because so many of these tasks are ongoing goals that won't be done anytime soon, I can't count 'started' as progress, its just the first step, so I've decided that I get half a 'point' for starting, and half on completion, to better track my progress as well as rewarding myself for keeping at something. So how is my progress looking for January?

Total progress: 2/50 

Not bad, but in 1/12 of my time, I have completed 1/25 of my challenges, so I'm roughly sitting at half as productive as I want to be... Let's hope February pans out better!

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